Thursday, November 14, 2013

it was a wild ride.

What fun!  I used the longarm at my LQS for several days and played on this quilt.  I saw a quilt like this on the back of a magazine this summer and thought it would be fun.

 I think I still have the adrenaline buzz going!
I tried out lots of dense quilting motifs.
  Loop d' loops, swirls, hooks, paths, running stars and 
sometimes I just let the machine take it and play without much of a plan.I have not done anything in the colored stars yet, but I am thinking something really quiet and understated since the rest is really busy.

I quilted in a bunch of negative stars just  for fun.  This was so much fun!
I played with feathers (maybe really vines) on the border and a few places in the quilt.
Now I have to finish it on my little Bernina.  Since all the big stuff is done think it is doable.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival

 I am so excited to enter this in the  Bloggers Quilt Festival this year.  Mainly cause it got me to finish it.  I started this wall hanging during a 'quilt till you wilt' last winter I think.  I am not
crazy about straight line quilting (I get bored so quickly) so it was hard to stay on task.  I practice productive procrastination so I started many and finished some others before I got back to this one.
 This white square is really light gray, Kona Ash I think.  I got the idea from this quilt from the book 'Quilting Modern' by Jackie and katie
I really, really like this quilt and was going to give it to my friend, Mary Sue, but it will hang on my least for now.

Monday, July 1, 2013

signed, sealed, delivered

So I've known for quite awhile that  A&B were getting married.  But that did not get me moving on this quilt very fast.  The top has been done for a couple months so the day of the reception I decided to get it done.
Thank goodness work has a long I could go in at 6am and work on it for 3 hours.  Then back home to get the binding on and in the wash.
I most always wash a quilt before I give it away.  Mostly for my peace of mind, just to make sure if stays together.
I think I like the back better than the front.  This picture does not do it justice, it is not that washed out looking.
Originally this quilt was going to live on my sofa cause I really love the colors.  But Hey, I hope they love it too.

Friday, May 31, 2013


depends on what you call finished.
 I'm done with the top of this quilt.....but only half finished with the quilting.
I baked a cake today but did not frost it.  I'm certainly glad I can't say I finished eating it!

 I got some fun buttons from Sam Hunter designs a couple weeks ago.  This is how I felt today...maybe it should say 'runs in circles with scissors'.  Ha
The weekend is here.  Yahoo.  Enjoy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I have too been sewing!....... just not posting

 (see this nice green grass?  This morning it was white with snow!  hard to believe this pic was taken last week)
Two weeks ago I decided to make a birthday present for a friend I don't see often.  So for 3 days I was a maniac. This is the first paper piecing I have done.  I chain pieced all the blocks and found I tried to beat my time from the last round. ( that is kinda how I drive too)


I wanted to finish it quickly so I quilted it on my little bernina.  Swirly fun.
I used batiks because I love the scrunchy goodness when it is washed.

This is the back.  It has bears all over it but they are hard to see.  But anyhow the rest of the story is that her birthday has come and gone and the quilt is still on my sofa!  Guess I should have called her before I started sewing so fast and furiously since she is obviously out of town. Jeesh!

Blogger quilt festival

Why is it so hard for me to post?  Seems like it takes forever to load pics and I guess I lose focus by the time they are loaded.  

I had been planning this quilt for a couple days, spent a couple days sewing the blocks, put it up on the design wall and did not like it at all.  So I added some negative space and voila!  love it! 

I quilted it on my little Bernina.  Since it is so large (king) I quilted different motifs in each square and frame.  Taxed my brain, it did, coming up with different designs.

 It makes me smile when I walk into my room.

Hope you all get to spend some time checking out the festival
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blizzard day project

Crazy spring blizzard.  Just makes me want to stay in my sewing room all day.
I made this cube for my grandson.  It is about 12x12.

Working on using up some scraps.  In each green square I wrote his name.  
I think I will whip up a few more of these.  They go so fast and I think I will use them to practice my FMQing.
Hope it is not snowing where you are.