Tuesday, June 8, 2010

funny little fish.

The first and only kit I have ever purchased sat on a shelf for a couple years.  Since I have been trying to reduce my stash a bit I decided to pull out these cute little fish and try paper piecing again.  My first try was not so great.  I waste alot of fabric with miss cuts, jeeez you'd think I would learn after one or two miss cuts.  Anyhow these turned out okay and on the third fish they started to come together pretty easily, maybe they were even fun!  I am giving them to my sister-in-law cause we are going to visit for a few days.  Hoping the weather in MN is nicer than our weather in MT.

sashing standstill

I have started sashing these blocks and find that I really don't like to sew the sashing on.  I had so much fun making the blocks but the sashing not so much.  I really like the colors and some blocks I like sooooo much more than others but I think this will be a really fun quilt.  I had planned on giving it away but I made something else for that person so now I think I will keep this quilt myself.  I think it is perfect for the guest room.

Here is a picture of about half the blocks, some are sashed some aren't.  I am sure this isn't the final layout.  It seems I either spend too much time on the layout or I put them up on the board and don't move anything.

We are hitting the road for a week so guess this won't get finished anytime soon.

Have a fun week sewing.