Saturday, August 7, 2010

....and I thought I would post more often

....but summer got in the way.  I have not been doing much sewing but have had alot of time with my kids and nephews.  They are hardly kids anymore (all in their 30's) and so much fun to spend time with.  Luckily we have been at the family summer cabin for much of the summer and I have had the most incredible 'studio' in the screened porch.

I did manage to start and finish a twin + doll quilt for a charity auction.  I am hoping a doting grandpa or grandma will spend the big bucks for this cute pink pair.

After my last HST quilt I was pretty sure I did not want to tackle another for quite some time but  the scraps I had were begging to be HST's.  For the white I used an  IKEA sheet.  I took the time to trim the HST's and as much as a pain that was it sure more accurate points.  Next time I think I will press the seams open then trim to eliminate some of the bulky seams.

On the back I used a sheet for the orange/white/pink squares, probably won't just use a random sheet again without knowing the fabric content.  It did not shrink the same as the rest so it looks really rumpled, but hey it's the back anyhow. I quilted it with a wavy cross hatch.  After washing it is crinkly and cozy.  Can't wait to see if it sells.