Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a glimpse and a finish

Never thought I would like to quilt feathers but they are fun and good for me to practice on.  But, yikes, I combined them with some random squares, really not sure where I am  going with this.

I finished this a week or so ago and it felt so good.  I rented a long arm and had lots of fun with the quilting.  It is so much easier with a LA than with my domestic machine. 

It is starting to finally feel like summer and I sure would like to make a dent in the stack of tops before I hit the trails.
We still have high avalanche danger in the mountains here so I don't think we will be hiking for awhile.  My favorite chalet in Glacier Park was damaged by a big avalanche this winter, the pictures are amazing.

Enjoy the blue skies.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

great find

I'm not much on garage sales but yesterday I stopped at an estate sale and found

this fun bunch of stuff for 5 bucks.  The rotary cutter is worth that, but I also got the large pinking shears (not that I will use it much) a ton of old wooden spools and lots of old bias tape.
  Fun fun fun.
The best is the measuring egg!  At first I thought it was Silly Putty but on closer inspection.... what could be better? And the little white and red contraption is a needle threader, and it works.  Yowza!

Okay now the fun is over and I have to get this top finished.
I do have a finish that I will post soon plus I have a top that I started quilting looked at it and thought 'what the hell was I thinking?'  Any way I will post that soon and see if you all have some ideas for me.