Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's gotta be the rebel in me

Somewhere I saw a picture of a rainbow cake and had to make one.
To find the recipe I googled rainbow cake and could not believe all the comments about the food coloring, sugar and whatever else.  Come on!  Lighten up and enjoy.

I had a bit of extra batter so I made some cupcakes for the neighbor kids.  I like them and want them to live long happy lives but really? I don't think they will be eating this everyday (well at least until the cupcakes are gone) so I think a bit of color and fun is okay.  I think the unfrosted cake is more fun to look at.

Here is the finished  half eaten cake.  Kinda reminded me of a clowns wig.  Probably a once in a lifetime eat but I am glad I made it, gel colors and all.  Sure got a smile from the kids.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The other day I realized

I didn't have a finish yet for 2011.  I have lots of starts and finishes of flimsies but nothing layered and quilted and bound.
So I dropped everything
 and headed for the closet with the line of tops just waiting for a finish.
 I grabbed this 'colorbrick' quilt mainly cause it had a back and binding just waiting to be used.
I had followed Rachael's quilt-along directions for the top and decided to use her quilting instruction as well.  I don't use straight line quilting much, mainly cause fmq'ing is so much fun, but wanted to follow the whole shebang.  It was fun.  I think it would have turned out a bit better if I had paid attention to my fabric choices all being prewashed or not.  As it is some of the fabrics must have been prewashed cause there were some that did not shrink.  If I had done an all over fmq I don't think the shrinkage or lack of would be as noticeable.

All in all it is a really cuddly quilt that I love and so does my soon to be daughter in law (we will see who gets it).  And it is my first finish of the year.  Yay