Thursday, November 14, 2013

it was a wild ride.

What fun!  I used the longarm at my LQS for several days and played on this quilt.  I saw a quilt like this on the back of a magazine this summer and thought it would be fun.

 I think I still have the adrenaline buzz going!
I tried out lots of dense quilting motifs.
  Loop d' loops, swirls, hooks, paths, running stars and 
sometimes I just let the machine take it and play without much of a plan.I have not done anything in the colored stars yet, but I am thinking something really quiet and understated since the rest is really busy.

I quilted in a bunch of negative stars just  for fun.  This was so much fun!
I played with feathers (maybe really vines) on the border and a few places in the quilt.
Now I have to finish it on my little Bernina.  Since all the big stuff is done think it is doable.

I am linking up with Gemma at Pretty Bobbins