Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 finishes....hopefully

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hosting a UFO finish challenge.  Since I have so many ufos I thought I would join.

Here is a list of some I would like to finish and some I really don't want to finish but I don't think anyone else is going to do it for me so I am reserving the right to start more quilts and use them to replace some of the below that I can't stomach finishing.  Especially the 'roundabout'

1. Zigzag

just needs quilting and binding

2. Tropical Sundance

needs almost everything

3. Scrappy hearts (I think this has been in a bin for 10 years)
4. Cowboy (in a container I have no idea where I left off)
5. lovin' these colors

Can't wait to start this again.

6.  Hudson's quilt

Well I have the fabric picked out!  Hope he gets it before he goes to kindergarden

7. Mod blocks

top finished, needs basting quilting and binding

8.  Uff da

I started quilting it but hate the quilting, not sure where I am going with this

9.  Seeing blue

top finished needs quilting

10. roundabout (in a box got stopped at the applique)
11.  blue strips

This now has a gaping hole in the top.  I didn't like the strippy look so modified it and  yikes!

12. Scrappy mishap- I had a great idea and miscut the whole thing,  it may end up at the landfill.

This is really just a housecleaning idea.  I really can't wait to start something new and if I hadn't spent an hour doing this post I probably could have.

Off to the sewing room.