Monday, May 24, 2010

Inspiration overcomes willpower!

I have been reading my way thru the entries in the blogger quilt festival.  Wow, all the talent and imagination blow me away.
And just when I was doing so well at finishing my ufos I see Angela's quilt at my three sons and I know that is the quilt I need to make and of course start right now.  I really liked her color combos. I added some black and white but otherwise pretty much copied the colors.  I'm not sure what size I want the blocks to end up, usually I get 10 or so up on the board and then start cutting and adding to get the look I want.  The ones that don't make the cut are going to be turned into hot pads so really I am getting two projects done in one.

Keep on stitchin'



  1. oooh - those are fabulous! I may take the inspiration back myself on those great blocks. the bottom center really grabs me for some reason.

  2. No, really, this is a GOOD thing !
    You're making all kinds of headway on that UFO pile, and need to keep things current and heady !

    I'm loving this festival of quilts and I hope I find something (really, I mean just ONE thing that I can actually choose and stick to) to inspire my newest project !