Sunday, October 24, 2010

When a quilt screams....

you should listen.

This quilt kept telling me it should be quilted with straight lines, but did I listen?  Nope!  I always think that free motion quilting is cozier plus I wanted some practice before I started quilting two oversize queen quilts that have been waiting to be finished.

It is backed with flannel and is so warm and cozy you could almost overlook the quilting.

Struggling with my regular machine really made me remember why I want a long arm so badly.  If only I could get the hubs to sell the pool table I could have room for one.  Ah well, straight line quilting it will be for the next quilt.  On to basting.

Enjoy the upcoming week.



  1. Hi Mary, I also made a quilt like this, using shirtings, inspired by Kaffe. Yours looks great! I've been thinking about how to quilt mine too. It does shout for straight lines, but there are already so many lines there. I think the contrast of curves with the stripes is good.

  2. This is not an easy design to quilt, with all the precise geometry!!! Yours look fantastic! I can relate to wanting a longarm, though. Sometimes I think it's close to insanity quilting a big top on a regular machine...
    ; )

  3. Mary,

    This quilt is gorgeous and you did a fantastic job quilting it. I don't have a long arm machine and my quilts stay as tops for a long time before they finish. But this year I have decided to try new things with the machine and hand quilting and just get them finished.
    Keep on quilting!

  4. My best friend is wavy lines with the walking foot. It gives quilt that movement if desired and goes really fast. No need to worry about being too straight and looks artsy too!

  5. Oh but those pool tables are so great for laying out quilts on!!!!