Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's gotta be the rebel in me

Somewhere I saw a picture of a rainbow cake and had to make one.
To find the recipe I googled rainbow cake and could not believe all the comments about the food coloring, sugar and whatever else.  Come on!  Lighten up and enjoy.

I had a bit of extra batter so I made some cupcakes for the neighbor kids.  I like them and want them to live long happy lives but really? I don't think they will be eating this everyday (well at least until the cupcakes are gone) so I think a bit of color and fun is okay.  I think the unfrosted cake is more fun to look at.

Here is the finished  half eaten cake.  Kinda reminded me of a clowns wig.  Probably a once in a lifetime eat but I am glad I made it, gel colors and all.  Sure got a smile from the kids.

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