Saturday, May 12, 2012

The lost quilt made it home

I was beginning to think think this quilt had a new home and was trying to be happy for the new owner, but I wasn't doing well with that thought.  In fact I contemplated offering a reward of a new quilt made in the color choice of the person who returned my quilt.  But I didn't  think that was a good idea either.
This is my favorite quilt right now and it goes everywhere with me.  It has become a utility quilt cause I leave it in the car almost all the time so I get to see it.  A couple weeks ago we stopped at a hotel in Salt Lake and I brought it into the room because there were white bedspreads and we had our big dog with us and it was pouring rain, not a good combo.  Well, I guess because I am so used to seeing it all the time, of course I left the quilt in the room when we checked out and I didn't think of it till we were about 6 hours north of SLC.  Long story short, after many many phone calls to the hotel I finally got Erik on the phone and he got the quilt in the mail.  So today it arrived and I am so happy. The dogs are happy as well.
Hope your day is as sunny as mine.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear your quilt made it home. Very special.