Sunday, March 27, 2011

Holy HST's

This is my brain.......
after spending several evenings making these

I have been on a scrap/stash busting binge for a couple of months now and hate to say I have hardly made a dent on the stash and the scrap bins are now overflowing.  Huh????
I had figured I needed 6?? some hst's for a large quilt and as my mind was wandering aimlessly I realized if I was only to make this quilt 30hst  x 30 hst's I needed 900!  Yikes. back to the cutting board.  Since I was trimming these, I figured I  could eyeball the diagonal line instead of drawing it.  It totally saved alot of time and I just used the theory I use while skiing in the trees; look where you want to go.  So I just put my eyes on on the end corner and voila, that is just about where I ended up. 

I hope to finish these bad boys today while it is snowing.

Can't wait to start putting them on the design wall ;)

I hope someone out there is getting spring and blue sky.

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