Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spray basting question

No pics today just a few spray basting questions.  I want to spray baste a queen size.  Can't do it outside cause of all the snow and mud, so what is the procedure.  I can tape the back to the carpet but I don't want all the overspray to end up on the carpet.  Any tips on how to manage that?  Is a queen just too big to spray baste?  I hope not, cause I am hoping to get away from the safety pin gig.  Any suggestions will be very welcome.


  1. Here's a link to Patsy Thompson's spray basting technique. I hope your find it helpful.

    Spray Basting

  2. Tape or place newspaper under the edges of the quilt and extending out by a foot or so.
    That way, when you spray, none of it will get on your carpet.
    Also, I've seen the same method used on the wall. tape newspaper all against the wall using painter's tape. Tape your back up all well, then you can put the batting and top on using the spray. Nothing gets on your walls, and it's a quick clean up. You might need another set of hands to help you smooth out the layers, but it shouldn't take long.

  3. I've also used an old sheet under the quilt being spray catches the overspray, then just toss it in the washer!

  4. I have done this on my design walls with the newspaper as a mask. Just be sure you make it wide enough.